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Gay City: Seattle’s LGBTQ Center

Gay City: Seattle’s LGBTQ Center is the leading HIV/STI tester in King County, home to several LGBTQ-affirming services, and provides access to several diverse resources. The organization is also an active force in queer youth engagement and provides LGBTQ-centered trainings that address the needs of the most marginalized people within our community.




Print Design

20th Anniversary Branding Refresh

To commemorate twenty years of service, Gay City decided to undergo a significant rebranding to better reflect the programs and services they provided to the community by changing the organization’s name from Gay City Health Project to Gay City: Seattle’s LGBTQ Center. Part of this change included an updated logo.

Their main requirement for the new logo was that it be evolutionary, reflecting both the original look and feel of the logo but including the new organizational branding. For the new logo, we maintained the same oval shape, and included the bespoke logotype, but made it smaller in order to include the new branding within the logo. The new logo is still clearly identifiable as Gay City, but also shows the new name and branding.

Gay City 20th Anniversary Brochure
Gay City 20th Anniversary Brochure
Gay City 20th Anniversary Brochure
New Gay City Logo
New Gay City Logo With Branding
Gay City Business Card

Gay City Event Promotion

With an eye-catching image and some catchy text, a gorgeous poster, whether printed or electronic is still a great way to promote your event. And we’ve designed many gorgeous posters. Here are a few examples of the evolving design language and extensive illustration work we’ve produced for Gay City Arts and Events promotions.


Poster for The Infection Monologues
Poster for The Magic Pill 2
Poster for Gay City Arts: And God Woke Up
Poster for Gay City Arts: Writing Our Lives
Poster for Gay City Arts: Lushus
Poster for The Funny Pages
Poster for Wordplay
Poster for Gay City Arts: Drawn to Diversity
Poster for Gay City Arts: When There Were Angels
Trans Arts Month
Poster for Below The Fold
Poster for Smear the Queer
Poster for Gay City Arts: Out of this World
Poster for Gay City Arts: Uncontained
Poster for Queercore

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