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Owen Lach

Owen Lach is a queer artist, gamer, and author who lives in the PNW. He loves to write queer stories. Especially YA fiction and science-fiction, that’s also queer. When he’s not writing, Owen enjoys reading books from queer, femme, trans, and POC authors, watching anime, or playing video games.



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Screenshot of on an ipad next to plants
Screenshot of on an ipad next to plants
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Owen Lach is a new author whose debut novel is available from Jetspace Studio Publishing. Because of all the attention Owen’s work is getting, he needed an update to his website. We designed and build a proper author’s website for Owen, including a new blog layout.

We built the site in WordPress, using a customized theme. WordPress is an incredibly flexible platform, offering options for everything from online portfolios to web shops. But it’s a blogging platform at its heart, and it remains yet to be topped when you want to design a blog. It’s free, open-source, and well supported. We were also given a lot of creative freedom with the look and design of the site, and we think the results speak for themselves

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