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Paylocity is the HR and online payroll provider that frees professionals who crave true partnership from the tasks of today to spend more time focused on the promise of tomorrow.



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PC Club Logo Proposal

Paylocity hired our client to arrange and promote their annual President’s Club sales contest. In this time of upheaval and uncertainty, Paylocity wanted an event planner and manager that had the chops to not only pull off a masterful President’s Club vacation for their top performers, but to entice their sales team to reach the top and join the President’s Club. That’s where we came in.

After meeting with the client and researching the President’s Club’s Hawaiian destination, we proposed to lean on the concept of growth combined with the Paylocity motto Forward Together using the Hawaiian term holo i mua. We further extended the growth concept with representations of vines, a plant famous for its ability to grow anywhere. We proposed presenting these ideas to the Paylocity C-suite team in a glossy magazine-style booklet, the final version of which could be included as an in-room amenity for President’s Club members to enjoy.

PC Club Proposal Booklet Cover
PC Club Proposal Booklet
PC Club Proposal Booklet
PC Club Proposal Booklet
PC Club Proposal Booklet

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