Branding // Website Design

Queer Geek!

Queer Geek! is a Seattle-based organization focused on networking and connecting LGBTQ folks interested in geek activities such as gaming, SF/fantasy, comics and anime.



Logo Design
Branding Refresh
Merchandise Design

As consummate geeks ourselves, we were thrilled to get the chance to help refresh and update the Queer Geek! branding and web presence.

First, we refreshed their existing branding to give it a cleaner, more modern, and more logical appearance. We updated the logotype using a customized version of the Bowlby One font, making it possible to carry that font throughout the website as well. We updated the logo icons so that they were each complete instead of partial depictions of the objects they represented, making them easier to display all at one. It just made more sense that way. We also gave them a darker default background color.

The branded apparel and gear is also available for purchase in the Jetspace Shop.

The original Queer Geek website was adequate and serviceable, but lacked elegance and design. Because it was built on WordPress, we were easily able to install and customize an updated template, giving the site a look and feel that had some pizazz. The new site is clean and dark, and fully responsive. It’s also more secure, and easy to update when needed.


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