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Poorly Timed Games

Poorly Timed Games is an independent video game studio in Redmond, WA. Established in 2019, they love experimenting and merging different genres to create new, cool games.



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Poorly Timed Games Website
Poorly Timed Games Website
Poorly Timed Games Website

Poorly Timed Games is the brainchild and dream of their Founder and Lead Designer, who left a job at one of the AAA studios to strike out on his own. But a global health crisis and some unexpected publicity left them in the position of needing a great website, and needing it fast.

A website is more than an organization’s electronic home base. It’s the first where you send reporters, investors, and potential customers to learn more about you. It’s a place to post the positions you’re hiring for, as well as share any information you want to pass on to the general public.

After a thorough consultation with the client, including a conversation about branding and messaging, we settled on a cute, kitschy space themed website that uses the companies three primary brand colors. We also put together some nifty scroll-based animation, using customized illustrations, to help make the site fun and lightly interactive. They are a gaming company, after all.


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